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Sushi D

Posted: 03/24/12

Sushi D

Restaurant: Sushi_D Toronto

Nelson @ Little Italy: I guess there aren't as many Italian restaurants anymore in Little Italy. Anyway, this is a AYCE sushi place so taking pictures was tough and we had a very large group which meant lot's of dishes. One of their best is the first one, the rock shrimp. They cook it in a tangy sweet sauce and give quite a bit.

Next are some tofu, edamame, rolls (Philadelphia rolls and then some other ones), beef ribs, beef + enoki, Japanese eggplant (strangely not purple), spicy seafood soup (almost Vietnamese-like), scallop with flying fish egg sushi, salmon, tomago, kani sashimi, cold tofu, chicken karage, more fried tofu, rib eye steak teriyaki, salmon, maguro (tuna), white fish, white tuna, beef Negimaki (with scallion), and finally green tea ice cream, tempura ice cream and fried banana (Desserts were underwhelming). Overall the kitchen items were pretty good although the menu wasn't very large. The sashimi was pretty fresh so overall a good experience.

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