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Room 222 at Drake Hotel

Posted: 03/20/12

Room 222 at Drake Hotel

Restaurant: Drake_Hotel Toronto

Nelson @ Room 222: Adrienne rented out a private room at this club for Leo's 30th and warned us to come hungry. Unfortunately I didn't and I really regretted it because the food was amazing!

There were finger foods served all night long and they just kept coming throughout the evening. I got there a little late and the first thing that came out were these amazing mac and cheese croquettes. I'm not a big fan of mac and cheese in general, but these were delicious. Battered and deep frying will do that.

Already served were some cucumbers with salsa?, a deli meat platter, a cheese platter, some bread, tomato & Bocconcini, grilled vegetables and olives. Why oh why did I eat before :(

As the parade of food continued, slices of pizza came out (a little too bready for me, chicken skewers (yummy), grilled cheese sandwiches, fries with mayo (really good), corn dogs (I dislike them in general, but having a grainy mustard was a bonus), quesadillas (getting so full) and sliders (yummy).

And as if I didn't have enough to eat, we did rounds and rounds of shots throughout the night. I also had a very unique drink: a root beer (not pictured). Except it was made of bourbon, birch beer and vanilla ice cubes. It tasted almost exactly like normal root beer (which I love), but with an alcoholic edge to it. Unique and very tasty drink!

In the end were some cupcakes to celebrate Leo's birthday!

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