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Niagara Wine Country

Posted: 03/12/12

Niagara Wine Country

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Niagara: Since this was for our one year anniversary I agreed to go to the spa for a couple's massage. It was ok, and mostly a waste of money on me, but at least they had food in the waiting area! A plate of fruit that included some very young grapes. The grapes were a tad sour, but had an interesting transparent look. The included honey was very unique and I did not know what it was. Maybe wine honey? Anyway, both the grapes and honey were new things to me. They also had biscotti. We practically ate our lunch year and I had a plenty.

During the wine tasting we also bought some cheese to drink with our wine. They also had some free samples of grape skin tortilla chips, which were similar in taste to regular tortilla chips, but apparently a lot healthier for you.


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