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Cork's Restaurant and Wine Bar

Posted: 03/10/12

Cork's Restaurant and Wine Bar

Restaurant: Corks Niagara_on_the_Lake

Nelson @ Niagara-on-the-Lake: We took a trip up here for our one year anniversary and had a hard time deciding where to go for dinner. This place had a great patio and that's what initially attracted us here, but unfortunately the wait was too long and we ended up at the back of the restaurant.

They had a tapas selection and we tried the most interesting item, the Risotto Balls with chorizo sausage and chipotle sauce. The balls had a heavy deep fried taste with an overpowering chipotle sauce. Not very good.

Kitty had the Gnocchi Pesto, peppers and mushrooms in a creamy pesto sauce. The gnocchi were literally drowning in oil. It was like a soup of oil with bits of pasta in it. This dish was way too heavy with really heavy tastes. The amount of oil made this dish not enjoyable to eat at all.

I tried the fresh steamed PEI mussels in marinara sauce served with crostini. The sauce was really heavy with a tomatoey and plasticy taste (no joke). I liked the large chunks of tomato, but the sauce was once again too salty and strong. At least the included crostini was good.

Overall, there was absolutely no balance to any of the dishes, just blunt tastes that hit you over the head with a heavy amount of oil. And to top it off, the mints were ouzo flavoured, my least favourite. I recommend you stay away.

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  • wow harsh, I've eaten there and the food is good. Risotto balls are huge in size and lightly fried to a golden brown (just like the picture shows) someone enjoy the pasta it was all eaten Will return again as meal always enjoyable and servers very friendly
    kathy @ 2013-01-28

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