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Last Dinner of the Cruise!

Posted: 03/31/12

Last Dinner of the Cruise!

Restaurant: Holland_America

dre @ MS Zuiderdam: The servers and cooks put on a show for us for the last dinner. It was a five-course meal, where they served the same 3 courses to everyone. We could choose our own soup, salad, and entrees.

The only time I took a picture of the bread was this meal. The bread was so fresh and tasty, and I like how it was shaped like a chef's hat, although I don't think that was intentional.

Chef's Amuse Surprise - mushroom and duck mousse with asparagus en bouche. I liked the puff pastry more than I liked the mousse.

Master Chef Rudi's Salad - selected baby greens surrounded with cucumber, bell pepper and cherry tomatoes, drizzled with a mustard cognac dressing. This was really delicious! I really liked how the cucumber wrapped everything up.

Lobster bisque - the second soup I ordered during this whole trip. This was much better than the first soup I had. I suspect this was made with all the leftover lobster from formal night.

Golden Baked Brie in Phyllo Dough

Oxtail en Croute - When a soup is baked in a flaky pastry dough, that is always impressive.

Whole Roasted Tenderloin of Beef - My last piece of beef on the cruise, and I am still amazed that they got the medium rare correct, especially since they mass serve these dishes!

Tagliatelle with Roasted Chicken - This was really heavy, and I didn't expect all that cream sauce.

Wild Mushroom Strudel - It seemed to be a phyllo/pastry dough themed meal!

The dessert was a Baked Alaska - ice cream glacier under a blanket of meringue, with a warm brandy Bing cherry sauce. I wasn't a big fan of this dessert, as I don't like melted ice cream or meringue, so it was very soggy to me.


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