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When We Could Wake Up Early Enough...

Posted: 03/29/12

When We Could Wake Up Early Enough...

Restaurant: Holland_America

dre @ MS Zuiderdam: When we could wake up early enough, we went to the dining room to have breakfast served to us. The atmosphere is a lot nicer than the Lido deck, although we found it a little more dangerous because we would order multiple entrees instead of grabbing only one or two things from the buffet. The menu was generally the same, and most items you can find in the buffet.

Early in the morning, we got up to see the cruise ship go through the Gatun lock in the Panama Canal. Since this is a food blog, I will only show you a picture of the Panama rolls that were served early in the morning on the deck. It reminded me of a Chinese pineapple bun (without the pineapple crust) with custard inside.

After viewing the locks, we went into the dining room to eat breakfast. The server came around with a tray of pastries and I picked the blueberry muffin and a croissant which I spread nutella on.

Parfait of Greek yogurt, fresh berries and granola - Greek yogurt is the new rave now. I like the thickness of it.

Egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with bacon and sausage (which Mike put into the sandwich afterwards), and roasted potatoes.

Cinnamon sugar French toast - their French toasts were also soooo good.

Belgain waffle with strawberry sauce

Corned beef hash and eggs - I didn't see any corned beef hash in the buffet, so I made sure I ordered this every time I went to the dining room for breakfast.

On another morning, Mike decided to try eggs Benedict.

Blueberry pancakes (with a side of corned beef hash)

Waffles with apple cinnamon sauce

Veggie omelet (with my corned beef hash) - Surprisingly, I didn't eat that many omelets on this cruise. I think it was because everything was so tasty as well!


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