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Getting Tired of Eating?

Posted: 03/27/12

Getting Tired of Eating?

Restaurant: Holland_America

dre @ MS Zuiderdam: Were we tired of eating such fancy meals every night? Seems like for this meal the picture has less dishes. I think by this point, Mike and I started ordering the same things so there are less pictures to show.

Beef and chicken satay - we all ordered this appetizer so we didn't have to share this yumminess!

Grilled vegetables and asiago

Tomato and romaine salad

Pasta fagioli - bean and macaroni soup

Three Peppercorn Crusted NY Strip Loin Steak - I rarely order peppercorn steak if I have another choice. The steak was pretty good, but I still prefer prime rib and filet mignon over the NY strip loin. My steak had a good amount of peppercorn on it!

Vegetable Lasagna - Ordering a steak didn't stop me from also getting a lasagna, my weakness. I shared with Mike, but I think I finished most of it.

Rum Baba - Rich yeast cake soaked with rum syrup - this was really disappointing and gross.

"Dam" Devil Chocolate Cake - The chocolate cake wasn't bad, and not too heavy. I almost wanted to order a side of ice cream, but the strawberry sauce was good, so I'm glad I resisted the ice cream urge.


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  • That chocolate cake sure looks heavy...
    Nelson @ 2012-03-29

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