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Formal Night #3

Posted: 03/25/12

Formal Night #3

Restaurant: Holland_America

dre @ MS Zuiderdam: The third and final formal night was held on Valentine's Day. I think they wanted to correspond Valentine's Day with a formal night instead of waiting for the next day at sea.

In the front of the dining room, they had a huge Valentine's Day cake which I never got to try. They apparently brought it upstairs to the Lido buffet later in the night.

Escargots Bourguignon - I don't eat snails very often, so I popped these like candy. Well, almost, they were rich and oily and tasted a lot less healthy than candy!

Fresh fruit with peach schnapps

Chicken and wild rice soup

Parmesan-crusted chicken breast with honey dijon mustard sauce - I always enjoy honey dijon mustard and the chicken was really juicy as well.

Surf and turf - filet mignon and lobster tail - My steak was perfectly done and very juicy. The lobster tail was also very delicious. I could have ordered two, but didn't want to be (that) gluttonous.

Risotto with butternut squash and arugula - this was disappointing and gross.

Poached pear with sweetened mascarpone and placed on a mixed berry compote

Chocolate dipped fruit with sugared grapes

Raspberry frozen yogurt - I was expecting something like Yogen Fruz, but this was more sorbet-like and I was disappointed.


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