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Formal Night #2

Posted: 03/19/12

Formal Night #2

Restaurant: Holland_America

dre @ MS Zuiderdam: Formal nights means fancier menus, which is ironic, because every night's menu is already pretty fancy. It also means there's some sort of surf and turf on the menu and this night didn't disappoint.

Grilled scallops and shrimp

Country style lentil soup with smokey sausage

Bibb lettuce salad

Seared beef tataki salad - quickly seared lime-cilantro marinated flank steak, sliced and served rare with avocado, tomato, mixed greens, and tossed in wasabi viniagrette - This was a really meaty salad. It was listed under as a main entree.

"Land and Sea" - filet mignon with jumbo prawns. I really enjoyed the steak, as always.

Tagliatelle verdi alla conti - green peas and diced ham in a rich creamy cheese sauce - I thought tagliatelle were thicker noodles, so I was disappointed to see these thin green noodles. It was still good though!

Seared halibut with Serrano ham

Pistachio ice cream - My new favourite ice cream flavour! I was eying the ice cream station in the buffet to see if they would ever serve pistachio, but they finally did in the dining room! I was so excited and I should have gotten two bowls.

Tarte tatin - apples sauteed in butter and sugar until caramelized, baked with a puff pastry crust


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