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Summer Treats

Posted: 02/27/12

Summer Treats

Restaurant: Dairy_Cream Mississauga Mississauga_Ribfest

Nelson @ Mississauga: Some foods are associated with summer. Two that come to mind, but are unrelated are ribs and ice cream! Mississauga City Hall has a Ribfest every year and since it is walkable for us, we took a stroll down to peruse the stands. Not as big as the one in Etobicoke, but at least it was less crowded.

Kitty really wanted to try the bloomin' onion as she has never had it before, so we tried one. This is a lot of food for two people, especially since there is so much oil. It is basically like eating oil and batter. Which means it's tasty at first, less so after a few bites and then gross the day after.

The corn is smothered in butter and really tasty, but for the price they sell it for, I don't think it's worth it. But when you there and craving it, it's hard to resist.

We tried some ribs from Billy Bones BBQ partly because they a stand where you can get extra BBQ sauce. Love that! The ribs sauce was a little sweet and I liked them.

Lastly, on a different day, Max recommended this Ice Cream shop called Dairy Cream. Based on the name itself it sounds like a rip off of Dairy Queen, but in actuality this is a awesome place. I think their ice cream is made from scratch and as a result it tastes better than the stuff you can buy in stores. It tastes richer and creamier. After waiting in the huge lineup, we got two soft serve cones dipped in peanut butter and blue raspberry. Both flavours were unique and very tasty to go with the excellent soft serve. This will definitely become a summer destination for us from now on!

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