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Taiwanese Night Toronto

Posted: 02/25/12

Taiwanese Night Toronto

Restaurant: Markham

Nelson @ Markham Civic Center: They hold this event once a year, which means once a year I can have Stinky Tofu! There is one stand called Moth Bear's Smelly Tofu from which you can smell it from a mile away. It reminds me of Taiwan and tastes like it's from there. Yum! But the downside is that there are so many people that you can hardly move. The tight space and the heat combine to make it really feel tropical and not in a good way. Here's to wishing they plan for more people next year.

At the same stand we got some sesame noodles, which aren't as good as my mom makes, but still tasty.

One of the most visually appealing snacks are the Tornado Chips. It is one potato that has been twisted out into a thin slice along the whole skewer and dusted in your choice of sauce.

The takoyaki was neat to watch them make, but this time we didn't have a chance to try.

Another stand had a whole bunch of lamb skewers that make a smokey appetizing treat.

And the number one thing I miss from Taiwan is the shaved ice! I was delighted to see a stand selling this and I had to get it. The flavoured ice was served with red bean and juicy yellow and black balls. Delicious! They even had the correct shaver uses to make this where the ice is pressed downward onto a blade and the shavings come out the bottom. I don't understand why this isn't available regularly because I would totally buy it.

Earlier we also had a squid on a stick. It can be an arresting sight if you are not familiar with it, but once you are it becomes a yummy sight!

We ended the night - at appropriately - bubble tea! I had "The Oz" from Serissa where they were promoting their seasonal Golden Pudding. Very rich and thick and drank like a meal. Nice.

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