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Mike and Maggie's Wedding

Posted: 02/23/12

Mike and Maggie's Wedding

Restaurant: Kitchener Verses

Nelson: Seems appropriate that Mike and Maggie would choose one of the best restaurants in the KW area for their wedding. As a result, this is one of the best Western Wedding meals I've ever had.

To start, some appetizers were passed around that included lamb + bacon skewers, stuffed mushrooms and a pork + apple skewer (might have been chicken). I have to give special mention to the lamb skewers as these were absolutely juicy and delicious to the point where even Kitty enjoyed them. These nicely decorated plates were a great start to the evening.

The appetizer was shrimp, scallops and crabmeat in a phylo pastry with warm lemon sauce. Inside were huge generous chunks of seafood that were so satisfying to bite into after getting through the very crispy phylo shell. I couldn't really taste the lemon sauce much, but this perfectly cooked app did not need it.

The breads had a nice variety and freshness to them as I would expect from such a high caliber restaurant.

I thought the salad of spinach and arugula with apple cider vinaigrette, cippolini onions and brulee was really innovative. To turn cheese into a brulee is a great idea, with the blowtorched hard sugar adding a sweet taste AND texture dimension to a simple salad. It even made the typically strong goat cheese appetizing and turns a simple salad course into something more.

I had the Veal and Rib: grilled Delft Blue tenderloin, creamed corn, asparagus and foie gras bordelaise with a braised chipotle lime barbeque sauce brushed rib served on black bean salad. The veal was perfectly cooked and so tender it melted in my mouth. The rib was also very tender but was not as flavourful, perhaps in contrast with the veal. The cream corn at the back was as excellent a cream corn can be, but I didn't like the black beans much, likely because I'm not a fan of them in general. Avoiding a pet peeve of mine, the asparagus was not overcooked. To get perfectly cooked meat and vegetables at a mass event like a wedding is a rarity and to have it executed so well was an absolute pleasure.

This is a Western's chef's interpretation of the classic Birds Nest Chinese dish that I suppose could be named "fusion". It is roast quail and duck proscuitto served in a crisp potato nest with sauteed savoy cabbage, kolrabi and red currant reduction laced brandy, chardonnay sauce. The bird's nest itself tasted exactly like Hickory sticks - a snack that I love! The quail was not too flavourful, just spiced with a little cumin and the duck proscuitto while new was a little underwhelming. Still creatively done to get at least a bit of a Chinese feel to the meal.

The Merveilleux dessert is a chocolate-coated brown sugar meringue shell filled with chocolate mousse covered in a rich chocolate glaze, crispy rice puffs with a passion fruit coulis. Normally not a huge fan of dessert, I really enjoyed this one. Underneath, I really liked the wafer/gooey like texture of the base cake which went well with the rich chocolate mousse. A very chocolatey dessert, but one that I ate quickly because it was so good.

Not pictured, but the best part of the meal was the red wine they selected. I can't appreciate red wine as well as white (for now), but this one was the best I have ever tasted. I suppose I shouldn't have expected any less from these serious wine aficionados, but Mike and Maggie really delivered.

Once again, at such a large event it can sometimes be difficult to get a meal cooked right, but Verses did an excellent job. Bravo.

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