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Lido Desserts

Posted: 03/17/12

Lido Desserts

Restaurant: Holland_America

dre @ MS Zuiderdam: I don't think I went one day without eating any sort of dessert during the day. I'm pretty sure I had ice cream every afternoon after working out!

Most of the desserts could be found in the Lido buffet, such as the chocolate cake, the cheesecake, the cookies and all the ice cream. Ice cream flavours changed every time they finish a tub, so we hunted them down every couple of hours to see if they had our favourites (cookies and cream for me, cinnamon and coconut for Mike). The ice cream was really really good!

The third picture is a fruit crisp. Everyday would feature a different fruit crisp. I believe this one was banana. I wasn't a big fan of these crisps. They were too sweet.

On the other side of the ship, there was a small café where they served fancy lattes and cappuccinos. You had to pay for those specialty drinks, but they also had some snacks to satisfy my sweet tooth while reading my book.

I tried the High Energy Oat and Cranberry Bar, the High Energy Almond Bar and fruit cup, and also their chocolate mousse walnut square.

Finally, I've been eying the bread pudding for a week, and I finally tried it. It was disappointing, and I didn't even finish it.


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