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Lido Pasta, Pizza, and Asian Bar

Posted: 03/15/12

Lido Pasta, Pizza, and Asian Bar

Restaurant: Holland_America

dre @ MS Zuiderdam: Surprisingly, I didn't frequent and pizza and pasta bar very often.

I had to get the lasagna, as I am the lasagna queen and cannot resist. This was actually my second lunch as I ate something before and didn't see the lasagna. I asked the server to get the smallest piece possible. He came out with this ginormous piece... AND I ATE IT ALL! I even amazed myself on how I finished this whole thing. I have a terrible weakness for lasagna... At least this one was good!

The pasta bar reminded me of the university pasta bar, where you could choose your meat, vegetables, type of pasta and sauce and the server stir fries it all together. Honestly, that is how I learned how to make pasta - by watching those people make my lunches back in the university days.

The big difference here is that they have pesto sauce, which is shown in the last pasta picture.

The pizza wasn't that great. It wasn't terrible, and I liked the crust. I think I never really had pizza (I think I only got 2 slices during the whole cruise) because they only had 3 choices every time - veggie (shown), pepperoni, or four-cheese. Very boring. I once saw a sign that said grilled chicken, but there was none left.

I didn't discover the Asian bar until the second half of the trip. I think that's when I learned that the cooks were from Indonesia or The Philippines so I trusted their Asian food! I wished I tried the Asian bar sooner. I think they had the best tasting food.

Their varieties included chicken adobo, spring rolls, sushi rolls, bami goreng noodles, Korean ramen noodles with penang curry, noodles with peanut sauce (did not taste peanuty though), and an Indonesian BBQ with chicken skewers and beef curry. I really liked the noodles in the last 3 pictures because it reminded me a lot of instant noodles.


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