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My Beef Wellington

Posted: 03/03/12

My Beef Wellington

Restaurant: Holland_America

dre @ MS Zuiderdam: I got smarter as I spent more days on the cruise. I learned that the dining room posts that night's menu outside the entrance, so I make my way almost every afternoon to check it out and pre-order in my head what I want to eat that night. Funny enough, I knew that Beef Wellington would pop up on one of these meals, and lo and behold, it did! The menu for this night was very exciting as Mike and I ordered the same entree.

Corn and Yellow Squash Soup with Crab Meat

Dim Sum - Veggie dumpling (it was gross), "shumai" (which was pretty good), spring roll (delicious!)

Caesar Salad

Pistou Soup - vegetables and white bean enhanced with basil pesto oil

Filet of Beef Wellington - I was looking forward to the puff pastry and the roast. There was duck liver pate wrapped around the tenderloin in between the puff pastry which I did not like. The steak was really tender though and deliciously cooked medium rare.

Caramelized Pear crepe - we really like the portion sizes of this ship. I'm sure there is minimal food waste as well (so we hope!)

Chocolate Brownie Stack - decadent brownie layered with creamy chocolate pudding, piled with chocolate cake chunks and drenched with milk chocolate ganache. This was available daily, and I was tempted to order it every night, but did not want to order 2 desserts. I finally found a dessert menu that didn't have something that I wanted, so it was the perfect excuse to finally order this cake. It made a good last resort dessert, and I secretly hoped there was another chance for me to try this again, but I never did.


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  • Actually if you go to the buffet during dinner, it's the same food (without the nice presentation) and probably a lot of food is wasted there.
    Nelson @ 2012-03-03

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