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First Time Cruisers Lunch

Posted: 02/28/12

First Time Cruisers Lunch

Restaurant: Holland_America

dre @ Zuiderdam: We got an invitation for a first-time Holland America cruisers lunch to meet the hotel manager and other staff. Holland America has a reputation to have very senior and elderly people cruise with them. So no surprise that everyone that we met were retired. Actually, that's not true, not EVERYONE was retired. We met some young people at the gym, but we later found out that they were the singers and dancers. We also met another couple on their honeymoon who were younger than us. They also didn't get the memo about the average age of Holland America patrons.

Thai Curried Chicken Salad

Pan-Seared Basa Fillet with Lime Beurre Blanc

Roast Sirloin with Yorkshire Pudding - The Yorkshire pudding wasn't very good. I am still searching for the best Yorkshire pudding.

Key Lime and White Chocolate Tart - This was really tasty, but extremely sweet. I shouldn't have even the whole thing.


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  • Do you think your experience would have been better if you were with younger people?
    Nelson @ 2012-02-28
  • I can't say that having younger ppl around would have enhanced the experience too much. The boat itself didn't have that many amenities, so it's not like we would have done anything else but chat with people and we can do that with people of all ages.
    dre @ 2012-03-06

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