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Dinner Snacking in NYC

Posted: 02/19/12

Dinner Snacking in NYC

Restaurant: Carnegie_Deli Famous_Oyster_Bar Halal_Guys NYC

Nelson @ Midtown: After meeting up with Gerald, Peter and Denise, we tried out several random places. The first is the Combination platter at the most famous Halal cart in NYC at 53rd and 6th called The Halal Guys. They had a huge lineup that stretched far down the block, but at least it moved quickly. They didn't put the sauce on for you, so you had to judge how much/little was the right amount. Unfortunately I think we got it wrong. Overall the chicken was a bit dry, but the lamb was better. For some reason, my first Halal experience was better than this and The Halal Guys were a little overrated.

Halal Guys - 53rd and 6th (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon

Our next stop was The Famous Oyster Bar that we randomly walked into. We tried their Oyster shot, a Blue Point oyster, vodka and their secret Bloody Mary mix recipe (served cold in a martini glass ($7.50). This was much better than I expected because I don't like clamato much. First you taste the Bloody Mary mix, then the smooth vodka and finally the oyster at the end. I don't recall eating something with 3 very distinct stages of taste. After we had a plate of oysters ($15 for 6), which didn't taste too seafoody or salty or fishy, but still tasted flavourful and creamy. I'm not sure why I haven't seen this type before, but I'll keep an eye out.

Oyster Bar Fifty-Fourth Street on Urbanspoon

Finally we had some New York Cheesecake at the best place in the world - Carnegie Deli. This time we tried the truffle torte (cheesecake combined with chocolate mousse, $9.95), the strawberry ($10.95) and the blueberry ($9.95). Yes again the strawberry was by far the best, followed by the blue berry and then the chocolate. Nice to get to try them all, but the classic strawberry still wins and it is priced accordingly. It is the best flavour cheesecake at the best cheesecake maker in the world!

Carnegie Deli on Urbanspoon


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