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Posted: 02/13/12


Restaurant: NYC wichcraft

Nelson @ Flatiron District: Kitty's boss recommended this sandwich chain in NYC with the creative name of 'wichcraft. At first when Kitty mentioned it to me, I thought it was Witchcraft, but 'wichcraft is much more clever. As you may know, I'm a fan of sandwiches, but since we were having two lunches that day, I just ordered one warm sandwich: the roasted turkey with avocado, bacon, onion relish and aioli on ciabatta roll ($9.87). Just look at the overflowing ingredients! This is how you make a sandwich! The turkey was so fresh and so juicy, unlike most cuts of turkey where the dryness of the turkey meat can make or break a sandwich on its own. The onion, which is hard to see really adds a pleasant bit of sweetness that was a surprising addition. Of course the heaping serving of Avocado tops it all off. And I didn't even mention the bacon! Anyway, besides being a little pricey, this sandwich has 750 calories (thanks NYC food nutrition laws!), which is more than a Big Mac. But so much more tasty and fresh. I would definitely come back!

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