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NYC Chinatown Eats

Posted: 02/07/12

NYC Chinatown Eats

Restaurant: Chinatown_Ice_Cream_Factory NYC

Nelson @ NYC Chinatown: I have never eaten in NYC Chinatown as I think we have just as good if not better Chinese food in Toronto, but there are some unique sights and tastes to be had still. Like a Chinese street food cart selling assorted meats and fried foods, many of which are on a stick. Everything for a dollar too! I didn't feel like trying this though.

We went into a bakery to get a milk tea, but I took a few pictures of the baked goods, including traditional Chinese bakery items like egg custard tart, custard tarts with a twist such as the papaya egg custard and green tea egg custard. I didn't try these either unfortunately. In the next cabinet they had more Western style desserts, some that were cupcakes with animals on them and other appetizing sweets. Did not try these either, so what did I try?

We ended up at The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory where they had some uniquely Asian flavours. Nothing too crazy though, but Asian flavours such as red bean, black sesame, mango, Durian, green tea, almond, lychee, ginger, taro etc. But the funny thing is that these are listed as the "regular" flavours and the "exotic" flavours are the normal flavours you would see at any Western ice cream shop. Personally I went the "regular" route and had a taro ice cream, which was very creamy and tasty.

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