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Giving Marché Another Chance

Posted: 02/20/12

Giving Marché Another Chance

Restaurant: Marche Toronto

dre @ Yonge & Front: One of the things about being downtown is that there are no cheap sit-down-non-fast-food restaurants that are close to the office. Every time, we struggle thinking of somewhere to eat that wouldn't leave a hole in our wallets.

So coworker Mike and I wandered around Toronto and ended up at Marché for lunch, even though I said I wouldn't come back from my last experience there. Thought I'd give it another chance.

I decided to go for pizza; figured you can't screw up pizza. We shared the Asian Beef pizza. I don't understand what was so Asian about it. We should have known better than to expect it to be good. It was just tasteless ground beef (I was expecting some kind of Thai sweet chili flavour) with onions. It wasn't terrible, but they should really consider renaming the pizza.

To make up for a subpar lunch, we got dessert to wash down the meal. They didn't have my favourite Napolitan cake nor did they have my favourite fruit topped cheesecake (wow, they really screwed me over since they changed management!). So we got a waffle with strawberries, chocolate sauce and topped with pistachio ice cream. I must say that this waffle was the highlight meal of the WEEK! The waffle was fluffy and the ice cream flavour was so good! I would eat this again as my main meal.

I am now obsessed with pistachio ice cream!

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  • Was the chocolate sauce overpowering the pistachio ice cream flavour?
    Nelson @ 2012-02-28
  • I was skeptical about the chocolate sauce + pistachio ice cream at first, but it went together very well! The chocolate sauce didn't overpower the ice cream flavour at all.
    dre @ 2012-03-06

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