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Winterlicious at The Blake House

Posted: 02/16/12

Winterlicious at The Blake House

Restaurant: The_Blake_House Toronto

dre @ Jarvis & Wellesley: The advantages of eating with more people for Winterlicious is that there's a greater chance of trying all the dishes on the menu. Between the four of us, we managed to order every item. Coincidentally, Adrian and Mike got the exact same things, and Amanda and I ordered the other dishes on the menu.

Amanda ordered the Organic Green Salad - Variety of organic greens, shaved red onion, fennel and sliced English cucumber, served with our extra virgin olive oil white wine vinegar dressing.

Mike and Adrian both got the French Canadian Onion Soup - Roasted chicken broth, caramelized onions, house-made bacon baked with aged white cheddar. I had a small spoonful; it tasted salty to me, but the boys enjoyed it. I like how it's called French Canadian onion soup.

I got Drunken East Coast Mussels - Swiss chard, fennel, shallots and parsley, served in our white wine tomato reduction. I liked the mussels. Surprisingly, I am enjoying a lot of seafood lately. Mostly because I don't make it at home, so I try to eat it when I go out.

Amanda ordered the Apple Glazed Pork Chop - 10oz French cut pork chop smothered with apple cinnamon glaze, served with smashed potatoes and scallions. The piece of pork looked HUGE!

The boys got the Dry Aged Strip Loin - 8oz Alberta grain fed grilled steak served with fresh cut Yukon gold fries roasted Roma tomato and baby asparagus. I had a small piece. It tasted like generic steak, nothing special.

I had the Atlantic Lobster Linguine - Premium east coast lobster meat, Served with sweet peas in our white wine cream sauce. This was pretty delicious. The sauce must not have had any seafood taste, because Mike kept picking off my plate for pasta. Normally if it's too lobstery, he won't even bother.

For dessert, Amanda got the Vanilla Cheesecake topped with a wild blueberry compote. I got to try a couple bites, and it was yummy!

The boys got the Market Crumble - Macintosh apples with fresh ground cinnamon and oats baked brown and topped with French vanilla ice cream. This was also delicious!

I had the Creme Brulee - baked vanilla custard topped with crusted layer of caramel and fresh berries. I'm not a super fan of creme brulee, but because no one ordered this, I felt like I needed to. I'm glad I got it, as it was also delicious.

To be honest, I picked this restaurant because of the desserts! :)

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