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Looking for a Valentine's Day Dinner Place?

Posted: 02/14/12

Looking for a Valentine's Day Dinner Place?

Restaurant: Day_and_Night Markham

dre @ Kennedy & Hwy 7: For Mike's Chinese New Year family dinner, we went to a steakhouse. This place is run by Chinese people, and I was surprised that they didn't speak any English to us, assuming we could keep up with them. We went during Chinese New Year Eve, which is the busiest day of any Chinese restaurant, so it took awhile for us to get seated even though we had made a pretty late reservation. This restaurant features an oyster bar, so I took a picture of the oysters on display that you can order.

There were some set dinner menu's, which Mike and Johnny had ordered. I ordered my steak a la carte.

The bread that they served was really good. I don't know if it was late and we were hungry, but it was really fresh and we asked for refills.

Mike's meal came with a "Welcome drink" which was a virgin strawberry margarita. The glasses including the water and wine glasses all had this fancy slanted rim.

Mike's meal came with an appetizer - we (meaning I chose for him) got the Smoked Moulard Duck Breast on organic mixed greens. There were three different dressings under each duck slice and salad - maple mustard, balsamic, and ginger Italian. The duck tasted a bit like bacon.

Alan got the assorted oyster platter. You can't tell from the picture, but the bed of ice was lit with cool colours!

Each entrée came with soup, so Mike got the French Onion soup (no surprise) and I got the lobster bisque. It was surprisingly not very creamy, but still tasted pretty thick.

Johnny got half a grilled lobster for his appetizer. It looked good.

Mike's set meal also came with a salad. The dressing choices came on a neat platter. I liked the different choices they had.

I want to take this time to point out that all their plates, cutlery and even cups had an Angus Beef logo. We were wondering if they get kickbacks from Angus Beef for advertising so much.

Ahh, the good stuff. I ordered the fillet mignon. This was really good. The meat was tender and delicious. It was a good piece of meat.

Mike got the striploin. It was beefy, but mine was better. I also tried some of Johnny's ribeye. The fillet mignon was still the best. That's why it's more expensive! :)

For dessert (still part of Mike's set dinner - which was $45), there was a Neopolitan mousse cake with a café latte which I ate and drank most of it. It was a nice light end to a great meal!

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