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Aunt's Retirement Dinner

Posted: 02/01/12

Aunt's Retirement Dinner

Restaurant: Brampton Brampton_Golf_Club

Nelson @ Brampton: My aunt had a retirement dinner and the company was nice to have it at a Golf Club. It was "Chinese" food buffet style and had a surprising amount of variety. Western food included potato salad, cole slaw (a bit sour for me), Chinese egg noodle salad (a little strange...), Chinese vegetables mixed with sweet peppers (I think only white people can come up with this), spring rolls (deep fried American-Chinese food style), seafood egg noodles (all crispy parts were burnt so just he soft parts were edible), a chicken in a sweet tangy mango sauce (pretty good actually, although not a typical taste), beef with broccoli on top (not cooked together, but the beef was decent), beef short ribs (also a little overcooked) and some simple dessert. I really wonder if the chef is Chinese because I would guess the chef is not Chinese. Good attempt at Chinese food, but not very successful. It was only $20 so not bad I guess and I still at my fill. I wouldn't want to have a Chinese wedding there though!


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