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Chinese New Year Congee Time

Posted: 02/12/12

Chinese New Year Congee Time

Restaurant: Congee_Time Toronto

dre @ Finch & McCowan: My family went to Congee Time for Chinese New Year dinner. Seemed like a strange place to have CNY dinner, but I didn't mind. I prefer this type of food than the typical 10 course Chinese meal.

We started off with congee with salmon, which is probably the staple of this restaurant.

We had stir fried beef with veggies.

The parents had asked for the rice and noodles to come last, but since the restaurant is a congee/rice/noodle place, it came out really quickly.

Everyone was all over the noodle fritter rolls. They were devoured in seconds.

We had assorted BBQ meats - chicken, duck, and BBQ pork.

Pea shoots are everyone's favourite veggies.

By the time the chicken came, we were getting full. I haven't had the shrimp chips in a long time, so I ate 2.

We also had cashew celery shrimp stir fry.

The fried calamari was semi-disappointing. half of the dish was incredibly salty and the other half was bland. The fried turnips were also quite bland.

The deep fried fish wasn't bad, but we were all getting full.

I don't think many of us touched the stone pot full of mushrooms and pork.

All in all, a decent meal, but I would come back to have their congee, noodle and rice specialties.


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