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Benny & Anita Wedding

Posted: 01/28/12

Benny & Anita Wedding

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Paradise Banquet Hall: There are only two Chinese caterers in Toronto: Jacky and Dragon Dynasty. I went with Dragon Dynasty myself, but Benny and Anita went with Jacky, but they to decided to have it at a banquet hall and have it catered. As a result, they also had appetizers before dinner, which included yummy beef meat skewers, spring rolls, potato cupcakes, coconut shrimp in a shot glass with shrimp, chicken skewers, cocktail sauce, pork meatballs, pate and more spring rolls. The quality of these appetizers were quite good and I was impressed. I think it was provided by the banquet hall.

The meal itself is catered, which included a mixed meat appetizer plate, crab claws, really heavily mayo drenched shrimp with broccoli, shark fin soup, dried scallop/mushroom/vegetables, steamed fish, baked lobster (better than I thought it would be), fried chicken, fried rice and efu noodles. All pretty standard foods for a wedding and a bit better than the last time I had their food...but the service was noticeable poor. The serving staff kept trying to take away food too quickly. Kitty literally had a spoon of her soup in her mouth and the serving staff tried to take the half full bowl of soup away. In general, the service was rude and unprofessional.

The dessert platter included mounds of fruit arranged like flowers, and lot's of pastries and cakes. The wedding cake was nicely decorated with a simple and elegant flower design. The Bride and Groom entertained us with their amazing singing, singing love songs to each other. And they had some fun games too. It was open bar too, but it seemed like only our group was taking advantage of it, but that meant there was more for us! Fun night!


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