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Lunch Korean BBQ Coma

Posted: 02/10/12

Lunch Korean BBQ Coma

Restaurant: Chako Toronto

dre @ Midland and McNicoll: My coworker Henry wanted to eat at Chako for the longest time, so we found some time, found some more people and made our way through a snowstorm to have Korean BBQ. I don't know how long this place has been opened, but they have another location in Richmond Hill. This Scarborough version sat in a new-ish looking plaza. They had high ceilings, so hopefully the ventilation was sufficient.

It came with the usual appetizers - kimchi, turnips, fried tofu and bean sprouts.

We ordered a whole assortment of meat and I was too preoccupied with cooking to take pictures. I only got one of the grill when we first started to put food on. I was worried that I didn't cook certain things long enough or cross contaminated my tongs and chopsticks, but I felt fine a couple hours later, so no food poisoning for me! :)

For lunch, the meat choices were chicken, beef, pork, ribs, squid, and fish. I still like the beef the best because it cooked the quickest. I ate a lot of fish as well. It was some sort of white fish - I'm thinking basa. The ribs were tasty, but really really fatty. The chicken was marinated well, but took forever to cook.

The meal ended up with some prescopped green tea ice cream!

The place isn't bad, and the price was decent for lunch. We conquered a lot of plates and I skipped dinner that night.

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