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C'est What? Part 2

Posted: 02/08/12

C'est What? Part 2

Restaurant: Cest_What Toronto

dre @ Front & Church: Lem came back into town for the week, so I suggested dinner downtown at C'est What. While we were enjoying our meal, we were half-eavesdropping on the table next to us. There sat a couple who seemed to be on their first date. It was cute... haha

We ordered the Mexican Stand-off to start - Antojitos, chicken quesadillas, and blue corn tortilla chips served with tomato cilantro salsa and sour cream. This was nothing special and pretty expensive for what it was.

Mike ate the Buffalo Burger - A half-pound of premium extra lean, minced bison, seasoned and grilled to medium on a toasted bun, served with a generous portion of yummy fries and Coffee Porter barbecue sauce. The burger was pretty juicy.

Doug got the Lamburger - A half-pound of minced Ontario spring lamb grilled to medium and topped with melted Swiss cheese on a toasted bun, served with fries and a side of tzatziki. I tried a bite. It was gamey.

I got the Tourtière - Quebecoise-style pork and potato pie seasoned with garlic and sage; served with mango chutney and a mixed greens salad. I really liked the large salad that it came with. When I cut into the meat pie, I liked how the insides didn't spill out and everywhere. It was tasty.

We got some dessert to share. They were really good! In fact, I would rate their desserts better than their main dishes. I'd come here specifically for dessert! :)

Hazelnut Brownie - A warm homemade chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, rich chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. This was sooooo yummy!

Pie Aux Pommes - An individually sized, warm homemade apple pie made with McIntosh apples and a honey crumble top. You can get a cheddar cheese topping, but that sounded gross (cheese lovers can dispute this) and we got ice cream instead.

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  • I'm happy you were able to get the Tourtière, as they were out last time we went!
    Nelson @ 2012-02-08

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