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Jen's Baby Shower

Posted: 02/04/12

Jen's Baby Shower

Restaurant: none

dre: There are only two ways to get me to a baby or bridal shower. Firstly, you must be a really good friend of mine. Like really good. We have to be thisclose for me to sit through all that estrogen for an afternoon. The other way is if your mom is a phenomenal baker. Good thing my dear friend Jen fits both criteria.

You can see the assortment of goodies and the lemony cake that Jen's mom made for the party. I resisted getting seconds from lunch to save my stomach for these goodies. In fact, I didn't even take pictures of lunch because this was really the highlight of the meal.

Jen gave me a Ziploc bag for me to pack some goodies for Mike. Mike was sad that he wasn't invited, but in the end he lucked out... I swear I didn't eat everything in the bag before getting home!


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