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Teresa & Doug Wedding

Posted: 01/24/12

Teresa & Doug Wedding

Restaurant: Golden_Regency

Nelson @ Pacific Mall: Summer means weddings and this is the first of ten I attended in 2011. This restaurant is the one at the top of Pacific Mall at the large restaurant. We didn't have the whole restaurant, just a portion of it, but we had the loudest speakers and I felt a little sorry for our neighbours.

I like it when I get to see the whole suckling pig and this restaurant had a bonus serving of Chinese bread.

First time I've ever had this baked stuffed past w/ mushroom in conch shell and it definitely looks appetizing. The stuffing was unexpectedly curry flavoured, but I wasn't sure what meat was used. In the interior there is a surprise broccoli!

The stir fried scallop & clam w/ mushroom was notable for having squid which is not usually seen at wedding receptions. A healthy amount of scallops was nice though.

The shark fin soup was unique in that it had bean sprouts that kinda looked like the shark fin. I unfortunately ate this dish as they served it out in individual portions and it would have been thrown out otherwise.

There was deep fried crispy chicken, but another table had some variation of this dish with jellyfish. I thought it was a little strange to server different items at different tables, but it happens.

Braised whole abalone w/ special sauce. Large pieces and very heavy in taste and texture, but it went well with the yummy vegetables.

Stir fried lobster in Japanese sake, which is different from the typical lobster, but I couldn't really taste the sake or notice too much different in these small double lobsters.

Steamed seasonal fish, two to make it large enough for everyone at the table. Good as always, but a little borken up, looking like a fish I would steam myself at home.

Fried glutinous rice E-fu noodle w/ dumpling in soup. The glutinous rice was unique for a wedding, but I enjoyed it. Even more unique is the E-fu noodle in a soup...with dumplings! I was pretty full at this point, but I just had to try this.

The desserts were fairly typical with almond cookies, jello and a soup that was surprisingly not red bean. After a while a fruit table was served, with the additional bonus of chocolate covered fruit (and some dusted in coconut) that I kept coming back throughout the night. The wedding cake had some cute ninjas on top and was nicely decorated.

So generally a ten course Chinese banquet, but with a slight twist on many of the dishes normally seen at weddings. Still, the overall quality could have been a bit better in my opinion, but still a very filling meal!

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