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Taco Night

Posted: 01/20/12

Taco Night

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Making Tacos is a pretty simple and enjoyable dinner, but unfortunately I rely on the commercial packages to make it. I really only need the sauce packet as everything else can be bought separately, but I must admit the kit makes things convenient. The only difficulty I have is eating the leftover sour cream...any good recommendations on what I should do with it? This time, we thought of making nachos, which tastes very similar to tacos. The first nachos has too much green onion which were not thoroughly cooked making them too strong to eat. Which means I should put fewer on next time. Green onions in the next picture are a good choice too, but they too end up being a little raw. Lastly we bought a mix shell taco kit that included both hard and soft tacos, which was great for variety. Simple, easy and delicious!


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