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Earls for Drinks

Posted: 01/31/12

Earls for Drinks

Restaurant: Earls Toronto

dre @ York & King: I had won a $100 gift card to Earl's from my company Christmas party, so I took out some friends for a night of drinks and snacks. We went to the downtown location, hoping to scope out some eye candy (mostly for the guys). The bar area was packed, and I can see why... the servers are much better looking in the bar than in the dining room. We got a table in the dining room and had a whole discussion on the hiring requirements of this restaurant and other trendy restaurants around. Before, Moxie's used to have this reputation, but I think more and more restaurants are starting to have a "hot" requirement. So bad...

Anyway, we started with some wings as Wednesday night was half price wing night. We got Salt and Pepper wings as well as hot wings. They were not that great, either because they got cold fast, or we weren't that hungry to begin with. However, if they were delicious, they would have devoured pretty quickly. One annoying thing later on, was that they actually charged $1 for the celery and dip. Who does that??

Wednesdays also featured their Albino Rhino Beer for $4.49. I tried both the lager and the ale, and I like the lager better.

We wanted something sweet after all that beer, so we ordered a slice of their holiday Gingerbread Cake. On the menu, they had a picture of a whole cake, so I was expecting something big. Out came a small slice of cake instead haha. I'm not a huge gingerbread fan, so this cake was only okay to me.

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