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Burgers Priest!

Posted: 01/29/12

Burgers Priest!

Restaurant: Burgers_Priest Toronto

dre @ Queen & Coxwell: We finally were in the area picking up Lisa to go out for drinks, so we decided to pre-eat dinner at Burger's Priest! It is a tiny tiny place, and we had just missed the rush of the dinner crowd. You can't sit in there to eat because 1) there are signs that tell you not to, and 2) it's way too crowded when everyone was inside waiting for their orders. Unfortunately, it was very cold outside that night, so we had to sit in Dave's car to enjoy our burgers. There's a Harvey's across the street, and I told someone to buy onion rings so that we can sit in there... but that's kind of ghetto... and no one listened to me.

Before we left, I took a picture of the burger and fries. Janette and I split the Priest Burger. I had asked if I could get the burger without cheese, and they were strict on no changes and substitutions. I wish I took pictures of the cross section of the burger.

The priest burger has a beef patty with a stuffed portobello mushroom that's battered and deep fried with a piece of cheddar cheese on the patty. I was okay with the stuffed mushroom because it was mozzarella, but more queasy on the other piece of cheese. I'm so weird.

So while I can see how cool the burger is, I don't think it's anything too special, and should not make a deliberate drive this far just to try it out. I maybe would come here again. I just need to find the non-cheesy cool burger (but I doubt there is one).

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