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Family Christmas Dinner

Posted: 01/25/12

Family Christmas Dinner

Restaurant: none

dre: Besides the Turkducken, we had other food that my aunts, uncles, parents, and cousins brought. There was an assortment of pasta salads, vegetables, curry fish balls, beef, and scalloped potatoes.

The desserts were yummy. There was the tuxedo cake from Costco that I LOVE. I'm pretty sure I had several slices. There is a layer of chocolate cake, a section of vanilla cream/custard/mousse that has chocolate cookie balls in it which makes it sooooo good. Then there's some chocolate mousse and then bottom with more chocolate cake. This is my favourite cake as of late!

My aunt also made Billy Miner pie. I was really impressed with her skills haha. She melted ice cream and mixed in coffee and then refroze it on top of an Oreo crust bottom.


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