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Homemade Turducken!

Posted: 01/23/12

Homemade Turducken!

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dre: Doug and I mentally prepared for this night for months! The week before, we carefully selected the 19 pound turkey, 6 pound duck and 4 pound chicken. Actually, I frantically tried to find a turkey at the sale price of $0.99/lb. I was worried that it wouldn't defrost in time, and although it turned out okay, it wasn't fully defrosted when we deboned.

The deboning process took three hours for all three birds. I deboned the chicken, and Doug deboned the duck. It wasn't too bad, thanks to YouTube videos that we semi-watched before attempting. At times, I wasn't sure if I was doing it correctly, but I was comforted on the fact that the chicken can be poked, prodded and it won't matter to the final product. In fact, there were some straggling pieces that I just put on top the rest of the meat.

When Doug finished deboning the duck, we were surprised at how little meat there was. It was mostly skin and fat.

The turkey was a little more nerve wrecking, as we knew we couldn't poke any holes into the skin. It took a long time and a lot of patience. The turkey was still thawing, so our hands were incredibly cold, so we took turns hacking at the bird. Doug left about halfway to make the sausage stuffing, so I was on my own trying to pry the meat from the bones. We almost made it through without any casualties; Doug poked himself with the knife (no blood), and I cut myself and there was blood.

Finally, the turkey was done! We wrapped the birds up and went to bed (after celebrating with a bottle of Schneiderweiss beer)!

The next day, we assembled the birds. We opened up the turkey, put stuffing on it, put the duck on top, put stuffing on top, and then chicken and stuffing. We closed the turkey up, pinned it together and wrapped string around the needles. We flipped it over and hurray, skin was all intact!

We baked the turducken for 7 hours. It basted in its own fats and poured out a tub of juices halfway through. Carving it was a breeze because there were no bones. The layers looked really cool. As for taste, I found the turkey part a little dry. The duck, chicken, and stuffing mixture was really juicy though. A lot of people couldn't find any duck as I mentioned before, our 6 pound duck didn't have a lot of meat.

In conclusion, making the turducken from scratch was a lot of work, and I can't say that it was worth all the effort. Next time, we would get a butcher to debone everything for us. I would also brine the turkey overnight next time. Perhaps deep-frying the turducken or bacon wrapping it would be considered as a future thought as well!

It was quite an experience, and really, we did this all mostly for bragging rights!


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  • It looks really good, and the shape is like the store bought one I had, but the inside looks a lot better. I think bacon improves everything
    Nelson @ 2012-01-24
  • Wow! Looks like a lot of work. Sounds really good to eat though.

    Grace @ 2012-01-24

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