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The Fritter King

Posted: 01/10/12

The Fritter King

Restaurant: Fritter_King Mississauga

Nelson @ Mississauga: Sometimes Kitty craves some Chinese style breakfast and although we live in Mississauga, there is at least one place we can go to...Fritter King! Great name for a restaurant, this place serves Chinese breakfast foods. They even have half the kitchen out front, Asian style. You can watch them roll the rice rolls out fry the dough fritters.

Our favourite dish is the fried fritter in rice roll. There's something about this dish that makes it so tasty. The combination of deep fried crunchiness with the soft outside soaked in soy sauce, all dipped in the wonderful peanut and/or hoisin sauce is irresistible.

Other items we get include congee (only ok, not a huge fan of congee), rice rolls with shrimp, wonton mein (a little skimpy on the noodles), flat rice noodle with beef (see the them of rice?) and finally an order of rice rolls with BBQ pork. This last one is suppose to be fritter as well, but we messed up our own order. I didn't think I liked this dish, but it's better than I expected. Overall, their service is pretty crappy, but it's not a big deal and I'm not sure exactly how much choice I have considering it is Mississauga. Anyway, it really hits the spot.

PS Finally getting to photos taken with my Canon S95...can you tell the difference?

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