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Cracker Barrel

Posted: 01/06/12

Cracker Barrel

Restaurant: Cracker_Barrel

Nelson @ Cracker Barrel: A classic American country restaurant, these are littered along road trip alleys. I've never been to one, but at Tim's insistence (who was not present), we tried. Inside there is a general store selling a variety of goods and souvenirs. Once we were seated in the rustic dining room, I wasn't too hungry so I ordered the Country Chef Salad: a bounty of oven roasted turkey breast, sugar cured ham, hickory smoked bacon, shredded Colby cheese, boiled egg halves, served over fresh greens with a wedge of Colby cheese, red onion, wedged tomato and their own sourdough croutons. This salad as truly hearty and had a lot of meat so it turned out to be quite filling. I think there was just as meat as there was salad, which is good...and bad. Overall, the taste was ok, maybe because I didn't add enough dressing.

Kitty tried the Country Dinner Plate with Hickory smoked country ham, Fried Apples and Hashbrown Casserole. I was hoping that the hashbrown casserole was going to be good, but they were just a tad disappointing. Otherwise, the apples were like dessert. They also came with homemade buttermilk biscuits and/or corn muffins with real butter. Pretty funny how they have to specify that it's real butter. The biscuits weren't that good, the corn muffins were ok. I should mention that the prices here are really low, less than $10 low, so you can't expect much.

The boys got Homemade Chicken n'Dumplins and I tried a little and noticed that the gravy was plain and floury. Nothing too special either, but only $7.50.

Cracker Barrel is cheap, classic American food, nothing fancy but will fill you up efficiently.

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