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Reunited at Osso Bucco

Posted: 01/17/12

Reunited at Osso Bucco

Restaurant: Brampton Osso_Bucco

dre @ Hurontario & Bovaird: I haven't been here in over a year. During this time, they made some renovations, which were not very noticeable, but they were subtle. They finally got rid of most of these large boards that they move from table to table showing items that are not on the menu. The funny thing is, the featured items have been the same since I first went to the restaurant more than 5 years ago. I don't know why they don't just reprint the menu with all the items on it.

We started off with a spicy scallop appetizer in their rosé sauce, which is my favourite. After we finished all the scallops, we kept the plate around to dip our bread in the sauce.

We also ordered some mussels. I had a couple! Be proud :)

Continuing with the seafood, I got the seafood pasta in rosé sauce with penne. I asked for extra shrimps instead of mussels, but I'm not sure if I got more shrimps. The calamari that was in the dish was too rubbery and there were way too many in the dish. Besides shrimp and calamari, there were also some scallops.

My second choice would have been the lobster linguini, so I'm glad someone else got this dish. It has the same sauce as the seafood pasta, but only has lobster in it. Generous portions of lobster :)

Joda got the seafood soup.

Jen, who sat next to me, got the chicken marsala with fettucini Alfredo. I tried some and it was good.

Mike got his usual, the chicken fusilli. It looks extra saucy this time, and the pasta wasn't mountainous.

Joanna got a veal chop (?) with shrimp and risotto. I never tried any, but she wasn't a fan, and kept cutting pieces to put on Lawrence's plate.

Fred got the rabbit cacciatore. I've had this before a couple years ago and remember it to be quite bony. Fred let me try a piece of rabbit and it tasted like chicken.

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