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Homemade Pho!

Posted: 01/15/12

Homemade Pho!

Restaurant: none

dre: We have been hinting to Auntie Le to invite us over to her house to eat her homemade pho for 3 years now and finally we got an invite! Every time we ask, she keeps saying that we won't like homemade pho because it doesn't have MSG.

We went over to her house and she had so much food all homemade! Deep fried shrimp chips, spring rolls (I ate at least 10), mango and chicken salads and of course, the pho! The bowl of noodle soup was so hearty and delicious! She didn't put in any MSG, but she did put in a lot of salt.

I think we overstayed our welcome because we kept asking her to give the recipe or make extra so that we can freeze it and have it at home... haha... I'm just glad I got to have homemade pho at least once in my life! :)


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