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Five Guys Opens in Brampton!

Posted: 01/11/12

Five Guys Opens in Brampton!

Restaurant: Five_Guys_Burgers_and_Fries

dre @ Dixie and Queen: A Five Guys Burger and Fries opened in Brampton at Bramalea City Centre! One night, I was feeling particularly lazy and didn't want to make dinner, so I suggested coming here for dinner.

They give you free peanuts while you wait for your order to be made. When we got our food, I peered inside and saw a mountain of Cajun fries. Mike showed me that I had to rip the bag to get the fries... there just is no other way! :)

I found the Cajun fries to be quite salty. Next time, I will try the regular fries.

Mike got the regular burger which comes with 2 patties, and I got the junior version that only comes with one.

The burgers were pretty good, but for what we paid, it was really expensive for a fast food joint.

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