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Blacktree Desserts

Posted: 01/05/12

Blacktree Desserts

Restaurant: Blacktree Burlington

dre in Burlington: Alas, the desserts! There were only three desserts on the menu, so we tried them all.

The first one is Butternut Squash Creme Caramel with Warm Pear. This was okay. I wasn't a big fan of the butternut squash taste in the creme caramel.

Blood Orange MAXSO with brown sugar meringue. A MAXSO is a special dessert that the chef named after his son because he really likes it. It reminded me of a meringue on Yorkshire pudding. Again, this dessert was only okay. I did not like the orangey taste. I think it could work though, maybe with chocolate instead of orange.

Chocolate Date Square with Malt Vinegar Ice Cream - this was the best dessert. Actually, the best part was the chocolate lava cake. The ice cream was not bad, with a subtle taste of vinegar. It was a hit or miss with people.

Finally, chocolate dusted Shitake mushrooms came on the house! These were actually pretty good and you can taste the mushroom aftertaste.

It was a really fancy meal and I tried things that I wouldn't normally ever eat, so I'm happy for the experience!

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