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Blacktree Main Dishes

Posted: 01/03/12

Blacktree Main Dishes

Restaurant: Blacktree Burlington

dre in Burlington: The chef had come out before the meal to greet everyone and say hi, which I thought was really nice. Again, we ordered an assortment of mains and tried a bit of each other's dishes.

Lawrence got the Ham and the Lamb, which I think was lamb wrapped with pork belly with some scallops on top.

Fred got the red meat with oyster chips. The red meat was beef tenderloin. I had a small piece and remember that it was pretty tasty.

Mike got veal with cubed curried root vegetables. The veal was really tender and I enjoyed the sauce. It also came with a dumpling. This was my favourite of the mains.

I wanted to be different so I got the Hamachi with golden beet pineapple brunoise and one lobster ravioli. It wasn't my favourite fish and reminded me a bit like tuna steak, but more fishy. The lobster ravioli was good.

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