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Blacktree Appetizers

Posted: 01/01/12

Blacktree Appetizers

Restaurant: Blacktree Burlington

dre in Burlington: Happy New Year!

We went to this fancy restaurant in Burlington to celebrate Lawrence's 30th birthday. It was tucked away in a strip mall plaza in the corner and very easy to miss. The decor was very cool, and even showed old black and white movies from a projector to a wall outside if you look out the window.

The menu was very fancy, and we had to get the waiter to explain what everything was. I wish I took notes or had a better memory as I can't remember the description of each of the dishes, but I'll try my best.

These are the appetizers we ordered. They were all very interesting and we tried to share as much as we could so that everyone could try a bit of everything.

Fred got the Red Deer Carpaccio. I don't remember if I tried a piece of this.

I ordered the Braised Beef Short Rib. It's hidden under the bok choy. It also came with a dumpling. The beef was really tender and melted in my mouth. This was the best appetizer of the bunch.

Jen got the Composed Salad, which was made up of breaded duck parts and some greens. I had a small piece of duck and I can't say that I'm a fan of this dish.

Mike got something "safe" sounding, the Asparagus Cream Soup. I think he enjoyed it. I tried a small spoonful and thought it was too cheesy and creamy for me.

For the amuse bouche, we had this lychee berry bomb. It was hard to get a focused picture of it, but it was good!

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