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Saigon House Not for Pho!

Posted: 12/28/11

Saigon House Not for Pho!

Restaurant: Brampton Saigon_House

dre @ Kennedy and Clarence: I've been meaning to get the fried noodles at our favourite Pho place for quite some time as I've seen other customers get it and it looks delicious! For some reason, on one occasion, I changed my mind last minute and ordered this "two types of noodle" dish, thinking it was something similar to what I had at Phnom Penh in Vancouver. It was quite a disappointment, as the taste was something I didn't like at all. There were meats that I didn't like, like ox tongue and liver and these mini eggs! Never getting that dish again!

The next time we came back, I made sure I just ordered the fried noodles! I got the veggie version. The noodles turned out to be only okay. They used a different type of noodle than the regular Chinese chow mein. It was more light and starchy, and reminded me of those "noodles" that you find near the soups at Chinese buffets. I probably wouldn't get this dish again either.

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