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Posted: 12/25/11


Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Home: For some reason whenever Kitty's family asks what we eat during the week, the answer is curry. So they make fun of us for eating so much curry. This one is a Japanese golden curry. Really easy to make and pretty tasty too. We use the typical ingredients of potato, carrots, onions and chicken. This is a large portion as well so we were able to freeze some for later consumption.

For some reason time we decided to try a western version of curry, a PC brand Green curry. I used green peppers, green onion, mushrooms, chicken and onions. This was really disappointing and didn't even taste that good. Not spicy at all, not that flavourful (although it may be because we didn't have enough sauce), and not inexpensive. Gotta go Asian if you want it right.

The last set is a Thai green curry from the Asian supermarket. This time we used red peppers and onion and chicken thigh. Even though the meat was not as good as breast, this one was way tastier and much more authentic. I think adding the coconut milk in right when it is being cooked makes a big difference. This stuff tastes good, almost restaurant quality - the best one of the three here.

BiteMe wishes you a Merry Christmas!


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