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Bounty...but not for breakfast!!!

Posted: 12/19/11

Bounty...but not for breakfast!!!

Restaurant: Bounty Toronto

Nelson: For some reason I took my parents here around brunch time, but they didn't decide to order breakfast food, so I got to see what their other food is like. Turns out that they even have a bread service if you are not just ordering breakfast.

My father tried a chicken (marsala?) dish and it came with large portions of chicken. It was ok, but I'm not a fan of overcooked vegetables. My mom ordered a fish dish and from the portion I tried, it was ok. The light breading was different from how I usually have fish, so that was interesting.

I tried the Montreal smoked meat omelette. Sounds good in theory, but their smoked meat was pretty crappy.

Overall I don't think I would come here for anything other than breakfast.

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