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No Bacon?

Posted: 12/17/11

No Bacon?

Restaurant: Oh_Geul_Boh_Geul Toronto

Nelson @ North York: Come here for the great bacon, but incredibly we did not order it this time. What did we try instead?

The appetizers many, varied and taste great. I think this is partly why they have so many repeat customers. And they also include the pancake. Nice!

Instead of bacon, we tried the Bulgogi and the BBQ pork ribs. The Bulgogi was better than I was expecting. A lot of sauce/water came out while we were cooking it and it happens that the drain hole was plugged up so it stayed around as the beef cooked. This made the beef really tasty and moist. It was great. The BBQ pork ribs weren't as good, but they were still tasty. We overcooked a few of them, but they still had a really strong tasty flavour.

We also ordered Korean style pancake with seafood and vegetables. This pancake was huge and packed with ingredients, but I would have liked it a little more moist. I would still order this again though.

Great tasting food and definitely a place I would come back to.

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