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Pho Hung

Posted: 12/15/11

Pho Hung

Restaurant: Pho_Hung

Nelson @ Chinatown: Chinatown is now more like Viet-town, but I think this place has been here for a long time. It is popularly known as the one with the cow head on the sign. Since it was spring/summer time, I got the bun, which is actually my preferred choice anyway. This one has my favourite ingredients, the viet spring roll, grilled pork and red sausage. This one could use a little more vegetables though, but I do like the nuts on top.

Kitty of course had the pho (rare beef & brisket) and I think it was decent, I didn't have much myself. We also got some drinks, the fresh strawberry milk shake and the sour sop nectar milk shake. Sour sop has a bit of a different taste from what you are used to, but still fairly sweet.

Yeah, I would come back here again. That's pretty much how you judge Pho places.

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