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Airport Food

Posted: 12/13/11

Airport Food

Restaurant: Miami Tampa

Nelson: One of the most annoying travels things is suffering through the expensive airport food. They have you hostage there and you have to eat, so you really have very little choice.

I stopped in Miami and tried a place that could only exist in the city of Miami - Shula's Bar and Grill. I had the Miami Chicken Wrap, blackened chicken breast, peppers, onions, fresh greens, mojo dressing with a whole wheat pita. Not sure what made it Miami, but that trick got me to order this. Also it was the cheapest item on the menu. It was actually pretty good, but not sure whether it was because I was hungry or what. They had individual TV screens and they let me change my channel to something (sports) that I wanted to watch, so that was a nice plus.

The gelato is actually from the Tampa Art Museum. Just thought I would throw that in there. Bacio and Blood orange for me. It hit the spot since it was so hot outside.

Lastly, as my first flight was delayed, I had to run to the gate to catch my next flight. I ran the length of the airport (not realizing that there was a train until halfway) to try to make it. And then I find out the next flight was delayed. Whew. Turns out it was delayed for about 1.5-2 hours and the passengers were getting a bit rowdy. That in addition to the news showing that President Obama was about to make a big announcement and people were on edge. So the airline gave us a food voucher for $10. I wasn't too hungry so I tried to bring something home. Namely the chips. I got a fruit smoothie from Haagen Daaz that was incredibly rich and must have contained a lot of calories. Good though.

Oh yeah, after I got off my flight I learned that the US has killed Osama Bin Laden.


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