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Gaspar's Grotto

Posted: 12/11/11

Gaspar's Grotto

Restaurant: Gaspars_Grotto

Nelson @ Ybor City: On the way out of the city, we had to try another Cuban sandwich, so we picked this lively place with a nice patio and live music. We were here at just after lunch time and they gave out these free beignets, deep fried yeast dough shaken in powdered sugar. They tasted as you would expect, a little like Timbits with a generous amount of sugar. That was a nice bonus. The sandwich was a little more expensive than yesterday's, but this one was no where nearly as good. First of all, they didn't do a very good job constructing the sandwich because all the meat was bunched up. There was more meat than yesterday's, but it was very light on the other ingredients besides meat, with very little mayo and more mustard. It needed more pickles for sure. This one was inferior, but at least it was served with some dried banana chips. A little disappointed, but at least the people around us playing beer pong seemed to be having a good time.

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