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NBA City

Posted: 12/05/11

NBA City

Restaurant: NBA_City Orlando

Nelson @ Orlando: I just came back from Orlando this week, but 8 months ago I was also in Orlando. On the first night we went to Universal Studios in their restaurant area and I saw this huge statue of a basketball player. Turns out it NBA city! Not sure why a sports league would want to own a restaurant, but it does exist. We had to go there because I wanted to watch basketball playoffs. I had the pleasure to watch Z-Bo take out the aging Spurs. So I guess the restaurant does promote the sport.

For food, we started with the NBA "3 on 3", a combination of grilled chicken quesadillas, Parmesan chicken tenders and wings served with Asian honey mustard, spicy tomato salsa and wing dipping sauce. These were all pretty standard, but still tasted good. I like how the sauces that came with this appetizer and I saved the wing sauce because it was quite tasty.

Unfortunately they didn't really have many unique NBA themed items on the menu. The least they could have done is named it after player's favourite dishes or something like that. As a result I had the Oak Smoked Baby Back Ribs, a full rack of tender and tasty baby back ribs rubbed with a unique blend of spices, slowly smoked over oak coals and basted with our signature barbeque sauce, served with coleslaw and crispy fries. The ribs were nice and tender and although the rub was good I'm glad I had extra sauce. The coleslaw was nice a creamy and fries were ok.

You know in arcades where they have that basketball shooting competition machine? They had a real life foul shooting version. Awesome. They have a lot of random memorabilia as well decorating the place. But what I have pictured instead are the menus, which are made of basketball material and the washroom trashbin with (dirty/nasty) net over the garbage cans. Nice touch!

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  • net over garbage -great in theory but not in practice!
    Grace @ 2011-12-05

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